Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies

Course Overview
This course gives you a deep and practical understanding about Bitcoin, the underlying blockchain technology, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. All the necessary ingredients to become the blockchain expert for your company.

We will give you a very good understanding of cryptocurrencies, what they are, how they differ, how to mine and program them and even how to create your own coin and apply blockchain technology for your industry.

To give you a solid foundation in the concepts behind these innovations, we looking at the technology behind bitcoin, problems associated with it and their different solutions. Then we move on to newer, improved concepts such as the Ethereum Blockchain, with its Smart Contracts and Distributed App development to perform actual work.

Then we move on to advanced topics such as privacy, zero-knowledge proofs and security. The pratical exercises give you valuable hands-on experience with private industrial blockchains and their applications. We also cover newer innovations that are present in altcoins and provide a broad overview of the technology. Throughout the whole course we use a Free and Open Source software stack built entirely on top of a Linux distribution.

We look at the process of creating your own crypto currency and the application of blockchain technology to your industry.

Course participants receive a secure hardware wallet where they can safely store their assets.

Covered topics
Blockchains, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Mining pools and clustering, Regulation, Taxes, Privacy, Monero, Zero-knowledge proofs, Zcash, Security, Altcoins, Ripple, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Monax, Trading, Internet of Things Blockchains, AI Blockchain, ICO's



Provided Materials

Participants get to keep and take home all of the above provided materials.

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